Discover how to launch a successful online business in just six steps

The Six Step Success System by Spencer Williams is a program designed to help new internet entrepreneurs start and grow a successful online business and achieve financial success.

  • Step 1: Self Mastery

    An entrepreneur's business is always a reflection of them.

    To make sure we help you start the best business, we need to focus on making sure you are the best version of you coming into the experience.

    Emotional reactivity & complete control. Selling you on you. Becoming the best version of you. Understanding the fundamentals of being a high performer.

  • Step 2: Sales Mastery

    Sales are the most important aspect of any business.

    Why do we believe that ? Because if your business isn't selling you won't have a business very long.

    Why is Amazon considered one of the best businesses in the world ?
    Because they sell more.

    The reason we can guarantee you'll succeed is that we make sure you understand sales at the deepest level.

    I Always Like To Say, Studying, Understanding and Mastering Sales Is Like University For Entrepreneurs and High Performers.

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  • Step 3: Setup & Integration

    This is where we start the company, build out your processes and train you to master your skills 1:1 with a coach.

    Step 3 we are “putting pieces in place” from your digital assets to your internal processes, to your external processes and sales/marketing processes as well as training you to make sure you have the skills to be able to make your business work.

    Setup - product/service completion, customizing your sales scripts & sales funnels, organic marketing plan, brand setup + frame, establishing omnipresence and digital asset creation.

    Integration - 1:1 roleplay with your coach to master your skills and perfect your processes and systems before bringing them to the market.

  • Step 4: Getting your first 3-5 clients

    We organically seek, generate interest, and close your first 3-5 clients. Seeking to expand your client list while filling the pipeline.

    Validating your idea. Making it real, making an income, leveraging testimonials, service reviews, and creating a strong track record for when you scale. All done organically.

    Get "In the trenches" with customers to learn what they love & hate so we can optimize your products/services/business for the customers you are selling to. Master the skill of lead generation in case you need it.

    Master the process of earning your first 100k with $0 in ad spend. Work closely with customers to over-deliver, gather testimonials & work out the kinks in the business before trying to scale.

  • Step 5: Maintenance & Delivery

    Now that you have clients, being focused on delivering high quality and high-level service so they stay forever, we can put the pieces in place for scaling and give you the credibility you need for your first round of scaling.

    Learning and mastering leadership qualities and management. Expanding your platforms and giving your brand a facelift. Honing in on your niche, ideal client and frame.

    This step has two main goals: Maintain what you have, deliver incredible service to your customers and collect credibility, optimize your business/brand and put the pieces in place step 6 scaling.

  • Step 6: Scale

    We go into your first round of scaling, this is where we aim to add a zero to your company.

    Done by systemizing all your processes, building sales & marketing teams around them, hiring va's and other support staff, using systems & software so that you can do more but it takes less of you & automating your business so it grows hands off and you can stay focused on doing what matters: getting your business to the next level.

    This step is all about building an organization around you and bringing you from self-employed to system & business owner.

    Technically speaking, the sixth step is complete after you’ve scaled your business for the first time, but generally steps 5 and 6 are never really over.

    I always encourage you guys to not stop developing and innovating yourself and your brand. Some of you were even with spencer when he did the same six steps in his business and you have seen it firsthand.

    Typically you want it to look like this to continue to get to the next level: maintain, deliver, optimize, expand, maintain, deliver, optimize, expand.

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Introduction to Six Steps To Success

The first thing to understand about becoming a top 1% performer is that it requires a deliberate and intentional effort.

In other words, it's not something that happens by chance or luck. Instead, every successful person has gone through a series of steps that have led them to where they are today.

These steps are what we refer to as the Six Steps To Success, and they are the foundation of our program.

The Six Step Success System is the heart of our program.

It’s a comprehensive guide that walks you through each of the six steps, giving you everything you need to become a top 1% performer.

The system covers everything from internal processes and systems to personal finance and wealth creation, leadership and management, investments, scaling and optimizing, and the mindset of being a high performer.

The first three steps of the Six Step Success System are the most important, even though they may not be the most exciting.

This is because these steps lay the foundation for all of your future success.

If you don’t take the time to master these steps, you’ll struggle in the later stages.

That’s why we emphasize the importance of patience and long-term thinking.

The better you do in the first three steps, the better your results will be in the last three.

The difference between a top 1% performer and someone who is just getting by is their skill level, personal understanding and development, and their long-term thinking.

Top performers have taken the time to master the first three steps and have a clear vision of where they want to go.

They are willing to do the hard work now so that they can reap the rewards later.

The last three steps of the Six Step Success System are where things really get exciting and scary.

This is where you get to apply everything you’ve learned and start building your business.

You’ll have setbacks and problems, but you’ll also be making progress and seeing results.

This is where having a coach by your side can be incredibly helpful, as they can guide you through the difficulties and keep you on track.

The role of a coach in our program is to give you the support, accountability, and guidance you need to succeed.

Your coach is not there to teach you everything you need to know (that’s what the Six Step Success System is for), but rather to help you apply what you’ve learned and make progress towards your goals.

 They will be there to answer questions, give feedback, and keep you motivated as you work towards building your six-figure online business.

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